Books & Pamphlets

Access Care – Your Lifeline:
Provides information about vascular access. Include are tips on how to care for the access, problems which can develop, and how to prevent them, and treatment options if a problem develops. (Revised edition)

Access Care Pocket Guide:
A handy reminder of the necessary steps for taking care of your access. Available in both English and Spanish versions. (Two-sided file formatted to print on Avery postcard stock.)

After Your Kidney Transplant
This booklet provides information about what to expect after a kidney transplant.

Alternative Solutions:
This brochure provides staff with suggestions for alternatives to patient dismissal. Provides case scenarios and specific tips on alternative approaches that might be helpful.

Are Your Kidneys Beginning To Fail:
This brochure identifies what kidneys do, symptoms of kidney disease, and what can be done to help control kidney problems before one gets chronic kidney failure.

A Resource Guide For ESRD Patient Activity Programs: Provides tips for starting an exercise program and buying equipment, plus a sample of exercise resources.

Ease the Ouch
A discussion guide for patients, family members and staff on fears surrounding AV Fistula placement that center on the use of needles.

The Grievance Process:
The Network’s grievance process is outlined and all necessary forms are available for download. To access the complete grievance package download this zip file (requires WinZip to open).

How Do I Look: Taking the Fear Out of AV Fistula Placement:
This brochure is a discussion guide for patients, family members and healthcare staff to use when learning or informing people about fistula placement and body image.

Learning To Live With Kidney Failure – A Patient’s Perspective:
Written by a patient to help other patients understand the initial hemodialysis events. The article is taken from the author’s personal experiences as he "walks the patient through" the initial hemodialysis events. It provides practical ideas for new patients and encourages them to maintain a positive attitude as they meet the challenges of dialysis. A technical writer by profession, Yusuf Amin, received a Patient Award at the 1994 Network Nephrology Conference for this article and his work with the Patient-to-Patient Program.

Living With Kidney Disease – A Patient Manual:
Living With Kidney Disease – A Patient Manual is now available online.

A Resource Guide For ESRD Patients: Provides suggestions to work toward good nutrition and to stick to the renal diet. Also offers a listing of resources, which includes renal cookbooks and specialty products.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities:
Renal Patients have rights as well as responsibilities in their treatment process. This handout outlines the above in easy-to-read language.

Quality Of Life:
Provides suggestions for improving quality of life and includes information about positive attitude, exercise, social activities, and rehabilitation.

Renal Outreach:
The Renal Network newsletter for kidney patients. It contains information on therapies, mediations, nutrition and exercise, news of Network activities, articles written by patients and other general topics of interest to kidney patients and their families.

Talking Transplants:
This booklet provides a general overview for patients considering a kidney transplant as their treatment option. Includes background information, exercise and nutrition tips and a list of transplant centes in the Network 9/10 area.

Write Now:
Maintaining A Creative Spirit While Homebound And Ill: Encourages people with long-term illnesses to cope with their illness by using various types of writing. The author, who has a chronic illness, offers encouragement for those with chronic conditions and gives specific techniques and examples of ways to cope (third edition).

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