Quality Improvement Overview

Quality Improvement
ESRD Networks are required to develop and implement methods to measure and report on the quality of dialysis services provided under the Medicare program using a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI).


Vascular Access Quality Improvement (QIP)


2010/2011 Vascular Access Quality Improvement (QIP) Projects Tools

Fistula Improvement QIP

RCA 5Whys Tool Form [Word Doc, 51Kb]
Fistula Improvement Action Plan [Word Doc, 72Kb]

Catheter Reduction QIP
Catheter Reduction 5 Whys Form [Word Doc, 52Kb]
Catheter Reduction Action Plan [Word Doc, 73Kb]

3Ps Focus Group-Rising Stars
New Process Implementation Form [Word Doc, 58Kb]
To view the September 27th WebEx PowerPoint presentation [PDF, 3.6M]...


Vascular Access Assessment and Cannulation

Visit our AVF assessment and cannulation resource page to download tools, PowerPoint presentationss and articles to assist and support the dialysis facility staff in effective, consistent assessment and cannulation with the goal of establishing and maintaining AVFs.


Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI)

Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI) are required to create an accountable means for providing acceptable levels of dialysis to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients and to provide comprehensive data that will be used in both assessment of outcomes and initiation of quality improvement programs.


Quality Improvement Work Plan (QIWP)

The 2009 - 2010 QI Work Plan [PDF, 264KB]is a detailed overview of the QI Department goals and timetable for quality improvement activities.


CPM Goals

Includes goals for anemia management, adequacy of dialysis, nutrition (albumin) and mineral metabolism, as well as, CPM data.

  • Clinical Peformance Goals 2012-2013 This document may be used to develop appropriate Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs within your unit. [PDF, 1.0M]
  • NKF-K/DOQI Guidelines


Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

The QI department has developed templates to assist facilities in meeting Condition for Coverage (CfC) §494.110.


Fistula First

K/DOQI opened the door for ESRD quality improvement to be to be defined in great measure by the use of the optimum forms of vascular access.


QI Training Programs

Here you will find links to training programs offered by the Network as Learning Sessions, Educational WebExs and training modules created to assist facilities in in-service trainings and continuous education programs. Archives include:

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