CPM Goals

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CPM Goals

The CPMs were developed by experts in the ESRD community and based on the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI).

Recommendations that were compiled by the ESRD experts for the CPMs can be viewed in the document labeled “ESRD TEP Final Report.”

For a list of CPMs download a copy of ESRD Clinical Performance Measures (CPMs).

In March 2010, six Clinical Technical Expert Panels (C-TEPs) were convened to provided guidance in the development of new quality measures in specific clinical areas (Fluid Weight Management, Anemia Management Iron Stores, Mineral Metabolism, Vascular Access Infections, Pediatric Adequacy of Hemodialysis, and Pediatric Anemia Management), as well as, in defining target values for specific current measures.

For thier recommendations see the document labeled “Clinical and Data Technical Expert Panel Meetings Synthesis Report.”











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