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Patient Advisory Council

The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is an active group of patients and professionals that helps give the patient perspective on Network activities and helps develop educational materials. The PAC represents a cross section of patients on different treatment modalities from across the Network. This committee provides a view of patient-related issues and concerns that involve continuously seeking better ways to do things — ways that lead to more informed patients and better treatment results. This committee acts as an advisory group to the Network Patient Services Department and Quality Improvement Department.

You can apply directly online or download the application, complete it, and return to the Network office.

Download, complete and return by fax (317) 257-8291 or mail:

The Renal Network
911 E. 86th Street, Suite 202
Indianapolis, IN 46240

PAC Application

Complete online and submit.

Online Application

PAC Member Responsibilities


  • Provide input into the development of informational and educational resources related to patientswho have renal disease;
  • Identify and address needs and concerns of renal patients;
  • Offering a patient perspective on the selection and development of Network Quality Improvement Activities for which Patient Engagement is required;
  • Offering a patient perspective to the Network in interpreting the results of all Network QIAs and thedevelopment of interventions.
  • Provide information and feedback to The Renal Network.

Membership on the PAC requires:

  • A commitment to a year term of office with the option of serving additional terms;
  • Must attend and participate in scheduled meetings (at least two a year) which may include webinars,conference calls, and one in-person meeting (travel costs reimbursed for patients) ā€“ lack of participation will result in dismissal from PAC;
  • Strongly encouraged, but not required, to have access to a computer for:
    • Contact by Email
    • Participation on Webinars
    • Participation in Online Surveys

Categories of Membership

  • Patients (minimum 15), 18 years of age or older
  • Family members/caregivers (maximum 3)
  • Professionals (maximum 3)

Patient Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Overview

If the PAC seems like too much of a commitment, we continuously look for patients to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), as well. To be a Patient SME, the patientā€™s name will be included on a list that will receive an email when The Renal Network is seeking patient expertise on educational materials. Patient must have a valid email address to be a Patient SME.


For more information on PAC or SME opportunities please contact Patient Services Director Bridget Carson at [email protected].