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Network Coordinating Council meeting

View the presentation of the June 17, 2014 NCC webinar here.

In-Center Hemodialysis Facility Participation in the National Implementation of the ICH CAHPS Survey will begin September 2014
Click here to find out what you need to do!

  • Hemodialysis University Agenda Hemodialysis University August 15-16 - This conference will focus on clinically important problems in dialysis, including home hemodialysis, (prescription and delivery) complexities of anemia management, pathogenesis and implications of newly recognized unique complications of hemodialysis, and the value of reporting and analysis of patient reported outcomes in improving quality of hemodialysis. Register here. You can also view the agenda.

  • Save the Date:

    Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness Symposium September 25.
    This one-day symposium will focus on the primary care physician, the nurse practitioner, and the physician’s assistant treating patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The goal of the symposium is to further educate participants on the best indicators for identification of CKD, the best time to refer, and why early referral to a Nephrologist is imperative. Registration will be 50 for physicians and $25 for NPs and PAs. Online registration will open in the near future!

  • The Renal Physicians Association Releases App for Improving Dialysis Decisions and Quality of Life for Kidney Patients
    Read the press release here.

  • Advance Notice of Distribution of the Facility Report for the CMS Dry Run of the Standardized Readmission Ratio (SRR) for Dialysis Facilities - Read the notice here.

This memo is to inform Medicare-certified dialysis facilities of the process and timeline for  receiving the Facility Report for the CMS Dry Run of the Standardized Readmission Ratio (SRR) measure, which will be prepared by CMS’s Analytic and Operations Contractor, UM-KECC. The dry run reports will be available to dialysis facilities on the dry run website, www.dialysisdata.org. Facilities will be able to review these reports and submit comments and questions through the website from March 31- May 2, 2014.  Please review the memo for more information.  

  • Change Concepts to Improve Care Transitions
    The Renal Network has developed 7 Change Concepts to Improve Care Transitions, promoting safe transitions between treatment settings for dialysis patients. An effective communication process is essential to ensure safe patient transitions between all healthcare facilities, whether it is between dialysis facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, or ambulatory care centers. The transition requires the active participation of both a sending provider and a receiving provider. These Change Concepts were assembled to improve communications processes between providers.



  • Baxter International, Inc. - The FDA has issued a Safety Announcement regarding a Voluntary Worldwide Recall Of Four Lots Of IV Solutions Due To The Presence Of Particulate Matter.
    FDA Posted 7/14/2014.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb - The FDA has issued a Safety Announcement regarding a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of COUMADIN® (Warfarin Sodium) for Injection Due to Presence of Particulate Matter.
    FDA Posted 6/30/2014.
  • NxStage Medical, Inc. - The FDA has issued a Safety Announcement regarding recall of NxStage SAK Dialysate Concentrates that contain aluminum levels which exceed internal product specification.
    FDA Posted 6/24/2014.
  • Fresenius Medical Care North America - The FDA has issued a Safety Announcement regarding a Voluntary Nationwide and Canada Recall of NaturaLyte® Liquid Bicarbonate Concentrate Due to Potential Health Risk.
    FDA posted 5/21/2014.
  • NxStage Medical, Inc. - Update on voluntary recall regarding SAK Dialysate Concentrate issued May 15, 2014.
    Posted 5/19/2014.
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation - The FDA has issued a Safety Announcement regarding a recall of Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pumps with Master Drug Library due to system error that may interrupt or delay therapy.
    FDA posted 5/2/2014.

NHSN Enrollment for Outpatient Dialysis Facilities

NHSN Dialysis Event Reporting for CMS ESRD QIP
  • Monthly data entry into NHSN is a CMS Requirement.
    Click here for information about NHSN on the CDC website.
  • REMINDER: The deadline for 2013 data entry is April 15, 2014.




5 Diamond Patient Safety Program

5 Diamond Patient Safety Program

The 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program is now available in ESRD Network 9 (Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky), and ESRD Network 10 (Illinois). The 5 Diamond Safety Program is a voluntary program to assist dialysis facilities with specific areas of patient safety. The program includes tools and resources needed to implement these different aspects of patient safety. For more information or to register to participate, visit the 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program website.


Changes to ESRD Claims Reporting:

The new CMS prospective payment system is now in effect. For more information visit our MIPPA resource page.





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