Guidelines for Assessment and Referral to Vocational Rehabilitation

Guidelines for Assessment and Referral to Vocational Rehabilitation for Patients Between the Ages of 18-54
(MRB Approved – March 2005)

Upon admission, assess:

  1. Employment status
  2. Educational status
  3. Interest in Vocational Rehabilitation

Offer each patient within 30 days of admission:

  • Contact information for your Local Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Offices. Information available from the Network’s website for assistance at
  • A copy of Life Options publication: Employment: A Kidney Patient’s Guide to Working and Paying for Treatment. This guide is an excellent tool, which provides detailed information on such subjects as how to interview for a job and patient rights to insurance coverage.
  • The Network highly recommends Life Option’s booklets entitled Unit Self-Assessment Manual for Renal Rehabilitation and A Practice Guide to Renal Rehabilitation to assist in starting or improving your facility’s rehabilitation program.

Life Option’s booklets can be downloaded from the "Free Materials" section on the professional side of their website at Visit the Life Option’s main page at to view their complete vocational rehabilitiation resources and materials..

Additional assistance for patients already receiving Social Security Disability:


  • Keep a log of the VR, work and education activities for all patients age 18 to 54 throughout the year. This will help you track information for the annual CMS Vocational Rehabilitation Survey. The Renal Network’s Vocational Rehabilitation Inventory Tool is available for download.
  • Follow up throughout the year with each patient in the target age range. You can meet with each patient prior to each scheduled care plan meeting. Ask the patient:
    1. Has there been any change in your employment or education status?
    2. Have you received any services through VR at any time since we last met?
    3. Do you need further information or assistance with your vocational rehabilitation goals?

Additional information, including patient stories, is available on the Network’s patient website, and on If you need further assistance with VR planning or materials, please contact Kathi Niccum, Ed D, Director of Patient Services, The Renal Network 317-257-8265, Ext.25.







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Last updated on: September 19, 2014