Transplant Resources

Helping patients consider their treatment options is an on-going process.

Transplant Resouces for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a national transplant program including kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants. All veterans enrolled for care in the VA system are eligible for consideration for transplant services.

The transplant referral process has several steps and begins at the primary VA medical center where the Veteran is enrolled and eligibility is determined.

Four VA Medical Centers offer kidney and/or kidney-pancreas transplants.

To learn more visit the VA National Transplant Program Frequently Asked Questions section of their Web site.


Initially dialysis patients may have fewer treatment options as a result of poor health status and existing co-morbid conditions. As patients progress on dialysis and other conditions come under control, other options may be explored.

Transplantation is not for everyone. Emotional or psychological barriers may limit any one individual’s readiness for transplantation.

Yet for those individuals, who may be immediately available for a transplant referral or for those patients for whom a referral could be achieved by meeting certain goals, early assessment is key.

Steps include:

  • Establish the patient’s overall medical condition – heart, diabetes, blood pressure, physical stamina and immune system, etc.
  • Establish the patient’s overall mental health and readiness.
  • Review financial costs both pre- and post- transplant.
  • Explore donor potential and mating criteria.
  • Explore commitment to treatment adherence.
  • Review the transplant center options within geographical proximity.

The following links to educational materials and resources may assist you with helping patients working towards a transplant.



For Living Kidney Donors:

The National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) assists living kidney donors with their travel expenses to the transplant center for their evaluation, surgery, and medical follow-up. Click on the links below to learn how to apply.

How to Apply NLDAC 2014 (English Version)
How to Apply NLDAC 2014 (Spanish Version)





















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