Medicare Part D

Starting January 1, 2006, Medicare beneficiaries may participate in the new Part D prescription drug benefit – made possible by the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003. All Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to Part D.

CMS Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.
Visit the drug coverage information Web page (Medlearn) at to learn the basics about Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. Physicians and other healthcare professionals and their staff, partner organizations, social workers, financial counselors, and discharge planners will find this toolkit a valuable resource to get information to people with Medicare. You may add your logo and business information to these materials and copy freely.

NKF Kidney Medicare Drugs Awareness and Education Initiative.
Developed to provide timely, consistent, reliable, and up-to-date information about Medicare and Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D), specifically for kidney patients and the healthcare professionals involved in their care.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.
Visit for more drug coverage information. Some useful links are provided below:

Quick links to useful publications:

  • Your Guide to Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage – 11109
    This booklet provides information about Medicare prescription drug coverage, including how it works, the extra help available for people with limited income and resources, how Medicare prescription drug coverage may affect your current coverage, and more. (76 pages)

View Adobe PDF – 11109 (size: 719.06 KB) Revised 2/1/2008

This publication is also viewable in Spanish (size: 3.23 MB) Revised 4/1/2007

  • Things to Think about when You Compare Medicare Drug Coverage – 11163
    This tip sheet explains things to think about when comparing Medicare drug plans. (8 pages)

View Adobe PDF – 11163 (size: 484.46 KB) Revised 5/1/2007

This publication is also viewable in Spanish (size: 487.43 KB) Revised 5/1/2007

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: How to Join – 11111
    This tip sheet tells you how to join a Medicare drug plan once you have chosen the plan you want. (2 pages)

View Adobe PDF – 11111 (size: 385.38 KB) Revised 9/1/2007

This publication is also viewable in Spanish (size: 428.16 KB) Revised 9/1/2007

  • My Medicines – 11085
    This medication record helps people with Medicare to know the names and doses of their prescription drugs in order to compare drug savings and to choose the best Medicare prescription drug coverage. (2 pages)

View Adobe PDF – 11085 (size: 252.01 KB) Revised 12/1/2007


Social Security Help With Prescription Drug Costs.
Social Security official site for prescription drug plan information,

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