End of Life Care


Following are some resources for promoting quality and excellence in End-of-Life-Care:

  • Shared Decision Making in the Appropriate Initiation of and Withdrawal from Dialysis
    RPA’s revised clinical practice guideline provides 19 new and revised recommendations for initiating, withholding and withdrawing dialysis in adult and pediatric patients with AKI, CKD, or ESRD. The revision includes the following new and expanded topic area: establishing a shared decision-making relationship with patients, deciding to initiate or discontinue dialysis, resolving conflicts regarding dialysis, and estimating patient-specific prognoses.
  • Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care was a national program launched by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with a mission of improving care and quality of life for dying Americans and their families. To view the recommendations of the End-Stage Renal Disease Workgroup go to http://www.mywhatever.com/cifwriter/library/41/pe3647.html
  • The Kidney End-of-Life Care Coalition embraced the recommendations of the End-Stage Renal Disease Workgroup and created an arrary of resources and materials to assist kidney patients, their caregives, family members and friends to make informed choicesregarding end of life. To access visit http://kidneyeol.org/


































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