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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


Fistula Journeys

The Renal Network is launching a new peer-to-peer educational initiative called Fistula Journeys. This initiative aims to help dialysis patients consider their vascular access options by reading patient stories that address the choice of a fistula.

Through real-life situations, Fistula Journeys show how other patients have a) selected their vascular access, b) identified coping mechanisms that helped along the way and, c) discovered how their choices affected both their personal lives and their dialysis outcomes.


Submit a Patient Story

Become a part of this initiativie by submitting a patient story here.

  • Old Faithful

    Larry Weaver shares why choosing an AV fistula as his vascular access was the right choice for him.

    [Read his story, Old Faithful PDF, 576Kb]

  • Out of the Blue

    Tyrone Barnett
    has been on dialysis since August 1996 and had an AV fistula placed that same month.

    [Read his story, Out of the Blue PDF, 609Kb]

  • No Clots for Me

    Quinnroy Maurice Edwards (Pictured with
    his wife of 16 years, Rhonda) has been on dialysis since 1991 and had an AV fistula placed in 1996.

    [Read his story, No Clots for Me PDF, 608Kb]

  • My Lifeline

    Diana Headlee-Bell is a member of The Renal Network Board of Trustees and ESRD Network 4 Patient Advisory Committee.

    [Read her story, My Lifeline PDF, 601Kb]

  • What Choice Do I Make

    Jim Dineen is a member of The Renal Network Patient Leadership Committee and Medical Review Board. Jim has been a kidney patient for over ten years. Jim is also a PEPP Speaker and WeKAN member at Renal Support Network.

    [Read his story, What Choice Do I Make? PDF, 575Kb

  • My Fistula and Me

    Dadi Ding (pictured with her husband) is a nurse and works as the Renal Transplant Coordinator of Loyola University Transplant Program. Dadi is also a member of The Renal Network Patient Leadership Committee. Dadi has been a kidney patient since 1982.

    [Read her story, My Fistula and Me PDF, 611Kb]