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On The Road to Home

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    On The Road to Home was a comprehensive educational program of The Renal Network (ESRD Network 9 and ESRD Network 10) to increase patient referrals to home dialysis therapies. The project was an AIM 2 Population Health Innovation Pilot Project, an approach of the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to achieve improvement in the dialysis population.

    The 2013 redesign of the ESRD Network Program came with a mandate for Networks to create change through bold and innovative approaches, working in partnerships to achieve sustainable improvement through population health pilot projects. Using this guidance, The Renal Network developed On The Road To Home.

    On The Road To Home was conducted with a preselected set of dialysis facilities within ESRD Network 9 and ESRD Network 10. However, the following resources can be helpful to ANY dialysis provider looking for information on home therapies for their patients and for their staff members.

    See the Summary and On The Road to Home Resource Guide here.


The On The Road To Home Trip Kit is a package of information which dialysis staff educators can use to encourage referral to home therapy, and tools to enable staff to track their patients as they progress toward this goal. For more information on the complete Trip Kit, contact Cindy Miller in the Network office (317-257-8265).

Trip Kit Poster: Patient Tracker

Trip Kit Poster: Treatment Options

Carrie Land and Carey Marcum, home dialysis nurses at Fairfield Dialysis in southern Ohio, show off their new On The Road To Home Trip Kit. The kit provides resources for dialysis unit staff to use in education their patients on home dialysis therapies.



These PowerPoint presentations can be used to educate patients on home dialysis options, as well as to help staff members answer questions that patients may ask them about home therapy.

Kick-off webinar: Provides details about the On The Road To Home project from the beginning.

Cincinnati Staff Meeting Presentation: Provides tips for staff members to use in encouraging their patients to explore home therapy options.

David Rush, headline speaker for On The Road To Home, and Dr. Michael Kraus, a nephrologist specializing in home dialysis therapies, discuss home dialysis during an evening session for patients and their family members.


Check out these websites about home dialysis!


Patient Resources

These resources can be provided to patients to increase their awareness of home dialysis therapies.

5 Questions to Ask

FAQs - Why choose home dialysis?

Home Patient Education Questionnaire


AAKP Resources

The following resources have been developed by the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) for patient education:

Dialysis While You Sleep – An Alternative Therapy
Food Choices for Home Hemodialysis
Home Dialysis: Together You Can!
Home Hemodialysis Training - What to Expect
Is Home Dialysis An Option For You? Should It Be
Knowing Your Options is Empowering
Nocturnal vs. Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis - Safe, and Perhaps Easier Than You Think
Peritoneal Dialysis A – Z: Implant Surgery, Recovery, Training Process and Going Back to Work
Short Daily Home Hemodialysis
The Facts of Peritoneal Dialysis
Understanding the Peritoneal Dialysis Diet
You Have Options


Patient Stories to Share

The following patient stories have been collected by the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) for patient education:

A Patient’s Perspective on Nocturnal Hemodialysis
Going Home - One of the Best Decisions of My Life
Home Dialysis was Right for Me!
Home Hemodialysis Training A Patient Perspective
Living Life on My Terms
Living Life to the Fullest: How Home Hemodialysis Gave Me the Life I Wanted to Live
My Treatment and Why I Chose It
Take Your Life Back - Go Home
The Feeling of Freedom: How Home Hemodialysis and Music Gave Me Back My Life – The David Peterson Story
There's No Place Like Home
Up and Moving Again!
What I Learned from PD