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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

hand washing photoInfections are a leading cause of death in hemodialysis patients. The CDC provides educational information that can be used to help reduce infections in hemodialysis.

CDC recently released three new resources for preventing infections in dialysis patients. Please visit CDC’s website to see these exciting new materials.

You can also order additional materials by visiting their publications page.

Click here to view the CDC’s Core Interventions for preventing Dialysis Bloodstream Infections.


Healthcare Associated Infections

Quality Improvement Activity

The Network HAI project will focus on 3 monthly audits to assess and reinforce adherence to CDC recommended practices.

The audits will help identify areas for improvement and education toward desired practices.

Audits are to be conducted on the following with results reported monthly to the Network:

  1. Hand Hygiene (30 observations)
  2. Catheter Connection/Disconnection (10 observations)
  3. Preparation and Aseptic Cannulation and Decannulation of Fistula/Graft (10 observations)

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