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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


EIDM/QARM Transition

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid mandate that ESRD Networks create change through bold and innovative approaches, working in partnerships to achieve sustainable improvement through population health projects. The Home Referral project for 2016 will take place from April through September. Together we will work to achieve our goal of increasing the rate of referral to Home Modality by 5% and decreasing the rate of disparity of African Americans who choose a Home Modality by 1%. 

This page has been designed to benefit ANY dialysis provider looking for information on home therapies for their patients and for their staff members.


These PowerPoint presentations can be used to educate patients on home dialysis options, as well as to help staff members answer questions that patients may ask them about home therapy.

April 2016 Webinar

Living the Good Life: Care Partner Perspective 

Living the Good Life: Patient Perspective

Webinar Recording




Printable Resources

Home Therapy Flyer (8.5 x 11)

Home Treatment Options Poster



Home Dialysis – Nothing to Fear!


Patient Resources

These resources can be provided to patients to increase their awareness of home dialysis therapies.

5 Questions to Ask

FAQs – Why choose home dialysis?

Home Patient Education Questionnaire




Check out these websites about home dialysis!