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Infection Prevention

Studies have shown that infections are the second leading cause of death in ESRD patients. The intent of this Quality Improvement Activity is to decrease bloodstream infection rates by promoting implementation of the CDC Core Interventions for Dialysis BSI Prevention, sharing best practices in the area of HAIs, BSIs, and sepsis, and directing interventions toward patients to allow them the ability to impact their own care.

Decreasing long term catheters (central venous catheters in place for greater than 90 days) is a high priority for CMS due to the high risk for bloodstream infection that is associated with the use of these catheters.

Click here to view the CDC’s Core Interventions for preventing Dialysis Bloodstream Infections.

Interactive Tools

AHRQ Safety Program for ESRD Facilities Toolkit

Get the toolkit from the AHRQ website.

Includes training materials to help dialysis centers provide safer care to patients by addressing infection prevention. Available at no charge, the toolkit helps clinicians and other health care workers:

  • Follow clinical best practices
  • Create a culture of safety
  • Use checklists and other audit tools
  • Engage patients and their families in infection prevention practices

This new resource has science-based, practical information—including educational videos—that reflects the experiences of the frontline providers who helped develop the toolkit. For more information or to download the toolkit visit their site.

Plan a Lobby Day

Lobby Days are fun and interactive displays which invite patients and their family members to learn more about a particular topic. Lobby Days are held usually held in the waiting room during the treatment day.

To set up a display focused hand hygiene and infection control.

  • Use Glo Germ to demonstrate how germs spread from hand to hand
  • Start the Hygiene Potato Experiment

This resource on Lobby Days focuses on home treatment options, but the basics to organize and run a Lobby Day are the same, such as What is a Lobby Day, How To hold a Lobby Day, and Evaluating Your Lobby Day. Details are included in the booklet.

5 Diamond Patient Safety Program

This innovative training program assists dialysis providers in increasing awareness and building a culture of safety among patients and staff. The program consists of 14 modules on different dialysis topics – the module on Hand Hygiene will be useful in presenting education to both patients and staff members. To attain “5 Diamond Status,” a facility must complete the module on Patient Safety Principles, and complete four other modules within the calendar year. In addition to teaching about patient safety, 5 diamond facilities receive a plaque for their participation and are recognized on the Network website.


Patient Resources

Professional Resources

CDC Audit Tools & Checklists

Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings
CDC Website

CDC Hand Washing Training Education

CDC Resources for Hand Hygiene
Links to downloadable handouts, podcasts, stickers, social media and videos.

Making Dialysis Safer Coalition

Infection Control Tips on Hand Washing
This information provided by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

Hand Hygiene: Why, How & When?
World Health Organization (WHO) Brochure

Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
World Health Organization – Handout with illustrations for care givers


Glo Germ
Glo Germ™ is an effective tool to demonstrate hand washing, surface cleaning, hygiene, and containment techniques.


Clean Hands Save Lives
CDC Poster

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands
CDC Poster

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands
CDC Poster Available in Multiple Languages

One Trillion Germs
CDC Poster

One Trillion Germs
CDC Poster Available in Multiple Languages

Cover Your Cough
CDC Poster Available in Multiple Languages

Stop Germs! Stay Healthy! Wash Your Hands!
CDC Poster

5 Moments for Hand Hygiene in Hemodialysis Care
WHO Handout

Catheter Connection
CDC Checklist of infection control steps when initiating dialysis for a catheter patient

Cover Your Cough
CDC Poster

Literary, and humorous, approach to posting information on handwashing.
Way back in 1999, the Health Department introduced an inventive campaign to promote handwashing awareness.
Dubbed the “Literary Classics: A New Kind of Reading Material for Public Restrooms,” the campaign won the prestigious J. Howard Beard Award from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).


Dialysis Patients Speak
Dialysis patients talk about the important of participation in infection control
(Courtesy of ESRD Network 1)

I’m a believer in clean hands
Humorous musical video on hand washing, complete with dancing germs
(Courtesy of Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and CK Hui Heart Centre)

A lunch break for hand hygiene
A typical lunch break turns into a spontaneous dance party at Canada’s St. Joseph’s General Hospital when a flash mob reminds staff to take off rings, watches and remove nail polish to ward off germs.

The Dirty Truth About Hand Washing
WebMD Video – General Info on Hand washing

Wash Your Hands
Cartoon – General Info on Hand Washing

I wanna wash my hands
In Ohio, a flash mob takes over Fulton County Health Center to promote good hand hygiene. The healthcare workers dance to three songs, starting with The Beatles’ lesser-known tune “I wanna wash my hands.”

Hands Together
CDC Video Shows How Germs Spread

Hand Washing with Soapy the Germinator
Cartoon – General info on Hand Washing