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Patient Advisory Council

The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is a dynamic group of patients and professionals that help the Network respond to patient needs and seek ways to improve patient/staff relationships. The PAC represents a cross section of patient demographics and treatment modalities from across the Network. This committee provides an approach to patient-related issues and concerns that involve continuously seeking better ways to do things — ways that lead to more informed patients and better treatment results. This committee acts as an advisory group to the Network’s Patient Services Department.

PAC Application

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  • Provide input into the development of informational and educational resources related to patientswho have renal disease;
  • Identify and address needs and concerns of renal patients;
  • Offering a patient perspective on the selection and development of Network Quality Improvement Activities for which Patient Engagement is required;
  • Offering a patient perspective to the Network in interpreting the results of all Network QIAs and thedevelopment of interventions.
  • Provide information and feedback to The Renal Network.


Membership on the PAC requires:

  • A commitment to a year term of office with the option of serving additional terms;
  • Must attend and participate in scheduled meetings (at least two a year) which may include webinars,conference calls, and one in-person meeting (travel costs reimbursed for patients) – lack of participation will result in dismissal from PAC;
  • Strongly encouraged, but not required, to have access to a computer for:
    • Contact by Email
    • Participation on Webinars
    • Participation in Online Surveys


Categories of Membership

  • Patients (minimum 15), 18 years of age or older
  • Family members/caregivers (maximum 3)
  • Professionals (maximum 3)


Patient Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Overview

If the PAC seems like too much of a commitment, we continuously look for patients to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), as well. To be a Patient SME, the patient’s name will be included on a list that will receive an email when The Renal Network is seeking patient expertise on educational materials. Patient must have a valid email address to be a Patient SME.


For more information on PAC or SME opportunities please contact Patient Services Director Caprisheus Barbee at [email protected].