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 Data Requests – Policy & Procedures

Approved – June 1996

Executive Committee


The Renal Network, Inc., maintains a patient medical information system to promote the continual assessment of the ESRD patient population. This system, The Renal Network Data System (TRNDS) has been designed to integrate data, generate internal reports, and contribute to the national database. TRNDS is based on information received from HCFA-mandated forms, Network tracking reports which are completed by ESRD facilities, Network special studies and quality improvement projects. These sources provide the necessary information and updates that assure the accuracy of the data system.

TRNDS enables the Network to provide data, upon request, to interested parties. Data is often requested for planning purposes, both by state and federal agencies and corporate entities, to individual dialysis facilities for tracking trends, and to researchers and students.

DATA REQUESTS: All data requests must be made in writing to the Network office, and approved by the Executive Director. Data requests fall into one of two categories, as follows:

Routine Data Requests include those data reports which are readily available, such as aggregate numbers of patients by ZIP Code, aggregate numbers of patients by county, facility-specific demographic reports, and the annual report data. Routine data requests are provided free of charge.

Special Data Requests are those which require special programming and/or manipulation of the data. A charge will be assessed for these requests, based upon a time-estimate to complete the request (at an hourly rate of $50 per hour). Those requesting data will be informed beforehand if a fee is required to complete the request. Additionally, those requesting data will be required to sign a TRNDS Agreement for Release of Data (sample attached).

Special requests will be sent to the Data Subcommittee of the Medical Review Board for approval. The request should include:

  • Background on the individual or organization making the request.
  • A description of the data elements to be included (see elements list, attached)
  • A description of the purpose for the request and end use of the data. (Publications that are written on TRNDS data will be subject to review for confidentially and attribution by the Publications Subcommittee.)
  • Timeframe in which the data is needed.

The Data Subcommittee will review the request to determine if the request can be accomplished through use of TRNDS data, if the requested data is appropriate for release, and if TRNDS can work within the requested timeframe. A cost estimate will also be included. The review of the request will be completed and returned to the individual making the request within 10 working days. (If more time is required, an explanation will be forthcoming.)

CONFIDENTIALITY: Data reports are released in aggregate form; no patient specific data are available. Aggregate data will not be released if the reports contain information which could be used to identify individual patients. (Dialysis facilities, however, may obtain specific data on their own patients.)

All data are released according to confidentiality guidelines from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). HCFA retains final authority over the release of all data and must be consulted on requests for data of a sensitive nature.

TIMELINESS: The Network makes every effort to deliver requested data in a timely manner. However, the time to deliver data is dependent upon the nature of the request, and the Network workload/demand on the database at the time the request is made. In general, routine data will be delivered within two weeks of receipt of the request whenever possible. If it appears that a longer time will be needed, Network staff will contact the individual making the request to estimate a time for completion. Delivery of special data requests will be negotiated at the time of approval.

Delivery of data may be accomplished via fax or electronic mail, however, the Network reserves the right to mail reports by conventional means if the length of the report is too long. Data reports will be sent by overnight delivery only at the expense of the individual making the request.


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The Renal Network - 911 E. 86th Street, Suite 202, Indianapolis IN 46240
For more information call 317-257-8265 (phone) or 317-257-8291 (fax) or
Email to: [email protected] and [email protected]

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