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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


EIDM/QARM Transition

computers imageThe PART screen allows you to see all of your current admissions and verify each month that they are correct.

The benefit is that it allows you to quickly see:

  • Patients that you know who are discharged for whatever reason, but not discharged in CROWNWeb.
  • Patients that you know who have recently been admitted, but does not show up on the PART screen. This is typically done by printing a roster of patients from your electronic medical record system and comparing to the PART screen.

While there is no response required back to the Network, it is critical for you to review each month to correct for differences between your medical record system and CROWNWeb.

Batch Submitting Organizations (BSOs) such as DCI, DaVita, FMC and NRAA affiliated units often get monthly error correction reports from their corporate CROWNWeb contact and/or help desk. We strongly encourage BSO facilities to contact your corporate contacts when you see these kinds of errors happening as there may be problems in the batch submission of your patient data.

This can have a serious impact down the road on missing clinical month data if months go by in resolving the missing patient. Once the record is fixed, some clinical months may be closed and will result in negative impacts on your QIPS (Quality Incentive Performance Score) and future reimbursements.

PART verification emails are sent when any unit has less than 85% of the patients from the previous month with a PART verification. You can find directions in the CROWNWeb Online Help by looking for How to Verify PART Data in the Patients Section.