Grievance Trends

The Renal Network Patient Services Department trends data about a number of different concerns including the following categories:

For patients and professionals who have complaints and concerns, the Patient Services Department (PSD) staff provides:

Mediation to patients and staff and participates in conference calls with facilities as requested.

Technical Assistance by
a) suggesting specific interventions for identified situations; b) offering alternative approaches for disruptive, abusive, and noncompliant patients; b)reviewing/assisting with the development of care agreements (contracts);
c)  coaching patients in communication skills;
d) providing education, resources and training programs, and e)  providing expertise in specific areas of concern.

Placement Assistance by offering suggestions and resources for patients and staff who are seeking placement for a hard-to-place patient.

Assistance to Prevent Involuntary Discharges (IVD) by such actions as reviewing the IVD Process, discussing the root causes of behaviors, and discussing the involvement of interdisciplinary staff.

  1. Complaints, grievances, facility concerns
  2. Admission/placement concerns
  3. Involuntary discharges
  4. Concerns/outcomes of possible discharges
  5. Facility-specific complaints
  6. Demographics

For more information on data collection, trends analysis and applications see Procedure for Evaluation of Complaints and Grievances Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting and Quality Improvement.

Click on the following links to view annual trend summary reports of patient grievances and complaints and facility concerns received by the Network’s Patient Services Department.










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Last updated on: September 19, 2014