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EIDM/QARM Transition

QIMS, the current identity management system facilities use to access CROWNWeb and QIP 1.0.0 will be retired July 17, 2016. This system will be replaced by 2 new systems – EIDM (Enterprise Identity Management System) and QARM (QualityNet Authorization and Role Management).  The entire nation will be transitioning at the same time. Be prepared by asking EVERY CROWNWeb user to follow all the steps ahead of time.

Steps to take NOW:

  1. Take the EIDM/QARM Training.  Training schedule and registration HERE

  3. Complete registration in EIDM
    1. New User registration for EIDM (All existing QIMS users MUST sign up as a New User for the EIDM system).
      • Leave QualityNet Authorization and Role Management (QARM) in the “Application Description Field”
      • Select QualityNet User as your role – do NOT select any other field

      View the registration instructions below:

  4. Make sure your facility has an active QIMS Security Official. 
    1. Contact the QualityNet Help Desk at 1-866-288-8912 (x2 for ESRD; x2 for QIMS)
      • The QNet Help Desk can tell you who your Security Official and End User Manager are
      • The QNet Help Desk can assist you in elevating an End User Manager to a Security Official (End User Manager role goes away in EIDM/QARM. Any EUM accounts get converted as regular user accounts)
    2. If you need roles and access for multiple facilities, make sure each facility you need access to has an active Security Official who will complete this process as well, or your QIMS information will not transfer over


  5. Log into QIMS now and make sure your QIMS email address matches the email address you used to sign up for EIDM
      • Located on the page under “Manage QIMS Account” link Here .  Click on Profile tab and Account Attributes tab to check the assigned email address on the page.


  6. Verify (and if needed – correct) your QIMS and CROWNWeb Role and Scope ahead of the transition if possible. QIMS applications to make updates and for new users will be accepted through July 8th, 2016.

Next Step – DO NOT MISS!:

  • July 19-21:  LOG IN AND OUT OF QARM.  Missing this step means your QIMS data will NOT be transferred over. You just need to do it once, and you will save yourself a lot of future time and effort.

Other Key Dates:

  • July 8:  QIMS Registration EndsMake sure any updates you want to make using the QIMS process can be completed by this time. 
  • July 14-18th:  CROWNWeb system is down for maintenance and preparation for EIDM/QARM.  Keep this downtime in mind as you look at form due dates and completing your clinical data entry 
  • July 18th – CROWNWeb Live (However NO access until user has logged in and out of QARM to prompt the transfer July 19-21*)
  • July 19-21 – Access to CROWNWeb system resumes (Now CW 5.0) if user logs in and out to transfer information from EIDM to QARM*
  • July 31st, 2016:  May Clinical Month Closes 
  • TBD:  ESRD QIP Preview Period 

Curious about what your existing role and scope will look like in EIDM/QARM?  See the chart below for details. As long as the steps 2-6 above are completed, all QIMS and CROWNWeb roles will be transferred to QARM automatically.

EIDM/QARM Quickstart guide, training and FAQsHERE

Helpful Links: