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The Network continuously gathers data on treatment, incidence, prevalence, and mortality from reports submitted to the Network from its member facilities. All data collected by The Renal Network is confidential. All data are collected using approved Network report and CMS forms. (View Patient Reports and CMS Forms Download Page).

CMS has established a performance rate of 90% or better for the timely and accuracy submission of forms.(View a list of Network 9/10 top compliancy performers.)

Data are managed through SIMS (Standard Information Management System). Facilities will be able to use VISION to transmit data over secure Internet lines to the local Network for inclusion in SIMS. Currently all facilities are being trained to use VISION to submit their data through electronic transmission.

The data are published annually in the Statistical Annual Report. To promote continuous quality improvement, the Network provides demographic profiles annually to each dialysis facility. The profiles contain data specific to each facility, such as age, race, sex, incidence, mortality, and standard mortality ratio. Along with the facility-specific data, region, state, Network 9/10, and national data are included for benchmarking. Data requests are also provided to interested individuals or organizations as needed.
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  • Access Incident Rates by State Health Statistical Area
  • Access Prevalent Rates by State Health Statistical Area

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