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5 Diamond Patient Safety Program

The 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program is now available in ESRD Network 4 (Pennsylvania and Delaware), ESRD Network 9 (Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky), and ESRD Network 10 (Illinois). The 5 Diamond Safety Program is a voluntary program to assist dialysis facilities with specific areas of patient safety. The program includes tools and resources needed to implement these different aspects of patient safety. For more information or to register to participate, visit our 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program pages.


Changes to ESRD Claims Reporting

The new CMS prospective payment system is now in effect. For more information:

NRAA Develops Bundling Tool – The National Renal Administrators Association has developed the NRAA Bundling Tool to provide a way to estimate the impact of the bundled payment regulation on dialysis organizations. It is available without charge to any organization or individual who would like to use it; you do not need to be a member of NRAA. To view the tool, go to www.nraa.org.

  1. End-Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System {Federal Register/ Vol. 75, No. 15 /Thursday, August 12, 2010/ Rules and Regulations} [PDF, 4.8M]
  2. Visit www.MedicareUniversity.com
  3. Email your questions to Part.A.Provider.Training
  4. For additional background materials and information, visit our MIPPA resource page.


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