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2005 Robert Felter Award for Facilities
 2005 Robert Felter Award for Facilities  

The Renal Network Inc. is now accepting applications for the Robert Felter Memorial Award for Facilities.

Application deadline is February 18, 2005!

The award is given in the form of a grant to develop a project geared towards patients. It provides recipients the opportunity to be creative, develop a new patient education activity, or continue a special patient program that is about to end due to a cut in funding. Ideas for grant proposals include a Fistula First Project for patients, education about patient care, coping with kidney failure, or caregiving and the needs of the family just to name a few.

To apply download and review the award information and return the completed application form. The award evaluation criteria are available for your information.

Don’t delay in submitting your proposal!


The Renal Network - 911 E. 86th Street, Suite 202, Indianapolis IN 46240
For more information call 317-257-8265 (phone) or 317-257-8291 (fax) or
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