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Board of Trustees

The Renal Network, Inc.

Description of Duties for Elected Committees

2003 Election


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees establishes policies for the corporation, and otherwise is empowered to carry out all of the duties, powers and responsibilities of the corporation. The Board of Trustees routinely reviews all budget items and financial matters for the Network, ensures the Network contract with the Health Care Financing Administration is being maintained appropriately, approves of activities proposed by the Medical Review Board and Patient Leadership Council, and approves policies and procedures for the Network, as necessary.

Candidates for elected positions on the Board of Trustees must:

o       have the appropriate credentials in the discipline they are representing;

o       be experienced in dialysis and/or renal transplantation;

o       be affiliated with a Medicare approved dialysis facility or transplant center which is a member of Network 9/10;

o       have Network experience on the Medical Review Board or an appointed committee.

It is required that nominees have email access because many announcements and communications are relayed via email.

The Board of Trustees meets three to four times a year. Travel and overnight lodging are reimbursed to enable members to attend these meetings.














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