Pediatric Renal Group

The Pediatric Renal Group of The Renal Network promotes quality care for pediatric patients in the Network, and addresses issues specific to the pediatric population.

The Group has a governing board consisting of a chairperson, secretary, and staff members from The Renal Network. The membership is open to nurses, social workers, dietitians, and nephrologists. Anyone interested in pediatric dialysis and transplantation is welcome to attend the meetings. Members of the Group also serve as information resources for those with questions on pediatric renal topics.

The Pediatric Renal Group was founded in September 1991 by members of pediatric treatment centers in the Network. Since that time, the Group has met three to four times per year at locations throughout the Network area. For more information, click on the options listed below:

The Renal Network
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Phone: (317) 257-8265
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Last updated on: August 20, 2014