Network Council

Categorical Memberships. The Network Council is representative of the membership of The Renal Network, Inc., and serves in an informational/advisory capacity. The Network Council includes a representative of each current Medicare approved end-stage renal disease facilities. Representatives are appointed by the Medical Director or the Administrator of each facility.

These representatives may be in one of the following disciplines:

  • Transplant Surgeon or Nephrologist
  • Internist (Nephrologist)
  • Pediatrician (Pediatric Nephrologist when available)
  • Administrator ESRD facility
  • Qualified ESRD Nurse
  • Qualified ESRD Dietitian
  • Qualified ESRD Social Worker
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Director, Histocompatibility Laboratory
  • Representative of Organ Procurement Agency
  • ESRD Patient

If these disciplines are not represented through the normal appointment process of the facility representatives, the position will be filled as a categorical membership.

Candidates for these positions must:

  • Have the appropriate credentials in the discipline they are representing;
  • Be experienced in dialysis and/or renal transplantation, or active members of the nephrology community;
  • Be affiliated with a Medicare approved dialysis facility or transplant center which is a member of The Renal Network 9/10.




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Last updated on: August 20, 2014