Conflict of Interest

The primary purpose of this statement is to aid in ensuring that an individual participating on behalf of The Renal Network does not obtain any unfair competitive advantage over other parties by virtue of participation in Network activities, and is not biased because of current or planned interests which relate to work with the Network.


If the individual, in the participation of Network activities, obtains access to information, such as policies, reports, studies, financial plans or data which has not been released to the public, the individual shall not use such information for any private purpose unless the information has been released to the public. The individual shall not disclose such information or release such information to the public.

The individual, to the extent he/she receives or is given access to proprietary data or other confidential, technical, business or financial information, shall treat such information in accordance with any restrictions imposed on such information.


An individual may not participate in site visitation or other types of quality review that may involve a judgment either for or against a dialysis or transplant center or facility, if that individual is currently employed or has a financial interest in that facility or center or a facility or center in the service area or has a professional interest in the care of patients involved in that facility.


For breach of the above restrictions, the Network may terminate its relationship with that individual and pursue other remedies as may be permitted by law.

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Last updated on: February 22, 2008