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Dr. Wish Appears at Senate Hearings on Dialysis

Jay Wish, M.D., appeared before the Senate Special Committee on Aging on June 26, 2000 to explain the role of the ESRD networks in assuring quality of care in dialysis units. Sen. Charles E. Grassley chaired the Committee. Dr. Wish, president of The Forum of ESRD Networks, was invited to testify obehalf of that organization.

A copy of Dr. Wish's testimony can be found at

An overview of the entire hearing is available at

And to order a copy of the hearing publication, Kidney Dialysis Patients: A Population at Undue Risk? (106-30), log on to

Ohio Passes Technician Certification Law On Tuesday, March 28, 2000 Senate Bill 111 sponsored by Sen. Grace L. Drake (R-Solon) was passed. The bill requires the Board of Nursing to assume the duty of certifying dialysis technicians and prohibits a dialysis technician from practicing without a certificate. This bill becomes effective 90 days upon the governor's signature and filing with the secretary of state. For a final analysis of the bill as passed by the assembly, log on to


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