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Dr. Wish Appears at Senate Hearings on Dialysis

Jay Wish, M.D., appeared before the Senate Special Committee on Aging on June 26, to explain the role of the ESRD networks in assuring quality of care in dialysis units. Dr. Wish, president of The Forum of ESRD Networks, was invited to testify on behalf of that organization. The Special Committee on Aging is currently conducting an investigation into the Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease Program to review the quality of care ESRD patients receive. The Committee is chaired by Sen. Charles E. Grassley.

Dr. Wish is chairperson of the Medical Review Board for The Renal Network, Inc., and a member of its Board of Trustees.

Statements from this hearing are currently available at various web sites, as listed below:

1. The written statement to the Senate Committee on Aging from all witnesses can be found at

2. The testimony of George Grob, Deputy Inspector General for Evaluation and Inspection before the Committee on Aging can be found at

3. The AAKP written response to the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging hearing on June 26 as well as their response to the OIG report can be found on the AAKP website, in the "Press Room" link.

4. To view the news release issued by the Senate describing the hearing process, go to


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