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The Renal Network, Inc.

Nomination Process � 2003 Election



The nomination process is now open for election to positions on the Network MEDICAL REVIEW BOARD and BOARD OF TRUSTEES.  Nomination forms are enclosed � these may be duplicated.


The Medical Review Board (MRB) is the primary working committee of the Network, dealing with data collection & dissemination, special studies, site visitation and grievance resolution. The Board of Trustees is the primary administrative committee of the Network, dealing with strategic planning, finances, and maintenance of the CMS contract.


For a description of the duties of these two committees, click on MEDICAL REVIEW BOARD and BOARD OF TRUSTEES



MRB: Positions are available for three nephrologists, a transplant nephrologist, a social worker, an administrator, and a dietitian.


Board of Trustees: Positions are available for a nephrologist, and an administrator.



Interested individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague.  If you are nominating a colleague, please be sure to check with him/her in advance to be sure the individual is interested!  Members of the elected boards are required to attend three to four meetings per year (travel expenses are reimbursed).  The elected term is three years, to begin January 1, 2004 and end December 31, 2006.



Nominees should complete the appropriate form (either MRB or Board of Trustees) and submit it to the Network office along with their CV or resume by no later than Friday, MAY 16, 2003 at 5 p.m.




JUNE 2003

The Nominating Committee will review all nominations to decide the slate.


The slate will be mailed to the Network Coordinating Council members with ballots.


Successful candidates will be notified of their election by late October/early November of 2003.


If you have questions, please Bridget Carson, Assistant Director in the Network office at [email protected] or (317)257-8265.















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