5-Diamond Patient Safety Program

Program Overview


The Renal Network, Inc. believes it is important for each dialysis facility to incorporate patient safety into the organizational culture.

To help promote patient safety values, TRN offers the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program. The goal of this program is to help dialysis facilities better implement patient safety principles among both staff and patients. The 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program is a national initiative by the ESRD Networks, developed by ESRD Network 1 and ESRD Network 5.

Download the 5-Diamond brochure[PDF, 947KB]

This interactive program is designed so that each dialysis facility that completes one module and submits documentation (i.e. write up about how you implemented the module and the outcome achieved) to TRN, will receive one "diamond," with a maximum of 5 diamonds awarded to a facility within the participation period. All participating facilities that receive at least 1 diamond, will be recognized as follows:

1 – 4 Diamond Facilities

  • Facility will receive a certificate for each diamond completed
    5 Diamond Facilities
  • Receive a letter of special recognition from the Network President
  • Plaque of recognition to display in the facility
  • After achieving 5 Diamond Status, facilities maintain this designation by completing two additional modules per year

If you are interested in your facility participating in our new 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program, please complete an application form.

Apply online: Networks 9 & 10 (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio)

Upon receipt the Network office will review your application and send an email confirmation, then you are ready to begin. All materials are available to you on-line, nothing will be mailed to you.You must complete the mandatory Patient Safety Principles module first, and then you may complete additional modules in any order.

Program Modules: For information on the safety modules, visit the national 5 Diamond Patient Safety website where you can view all modules and download them once you are ready to begin.

The 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program is voluntary, and there is no charge to participate. You may complete as many or as few modules as you like. All participants who complete at least one (1) module will be recognized. This is a wonderful opportunity for both staff and patients, so send in your application today! Be recognized for your hard work and dedication to your patients and their safety!

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program in Network 9 & 10 (Illinois, Indiana. Kentucky and Ohio), please contact Bridget Carson ([email protected]) or fax 317-257-8291.


This program is endorsed by the American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (ANNA) and the Renal Physicians Association (RPA)


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Last updated on: November 4, 2013